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Photographs are the treasured memories left behind long after the subjects are gone and it’s a shame to see the only copies of these heirlooms deteriorate and become unrecognisable. Raw Edit Studio can help you restore these photographs so they can be enjoyed for future generations or to help someone relive the memories of bygone days.

Grandma and Grandpas wedding day, your baby photos, old war photographs, old family portraits…not only can we restore them, we can recolour them with historically accurate colour schemes.

If you have photos in an old album we ask that you don’t try and unstick them, rather send the album to us. We can either scan them direct from the album or if you want them out of the album to preserve elsewhere, we can use methods we’ve learnt to limit further damage.

Restoration is priced at a flat rate of $25 per hour and we are more than happy to quote before starting any jobs.
Once an image is restored to it’s former glory, we can provide you with digital files and/or archival quality prints in a variety of textures and finishes.