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Kristen has been involved in digital design since her first job out of school. She has a great eye for design and composition and a thorough understanding of light and colour. She is also a qualified makeup artist.

Raw Edit was born of necessity, a fortunate accident, a serendipitous moment. Kristen had been editing for her partner for a while and one day another friend, who happened to be a wedding photographer, asked if she would like to help out with a backlog of editing work that needed doing. That was about five years ago and things escalated from there. And yes, five years on, that friend is still coming to Raw Edit for their wedding processing.

In that time, Kristen has spent countless hours in training, honing the skills she already had and learning new ones. She is trusted by many photographers to cull, edit and retouch without any more instruction than an initial brief from which she is able to determine the result the photographer is aiming for.

She knows how to bring the best out in an image without destroying its style and its emotion. Kristen loves post-processing and retouching and consistently produces stunning results without departing from the photographer’s intent and the style in which they captured the scene. Kristen appreciates that it is, after all, the photographer’s vision that creates the image and she is passionate about retaining their vision.